Asmita Parashar

Cross-Cultural Training and Soft Skills Development

for Groups and Individuals

About Me

I am an experienced India-based intercultural and certified life skills development coach with over 20 years of experience working with corporates and individuals.

Raised by Indian parents in the UK, I worked for Reuters after graduating from Kingston University, before relocating to Mumbai in the 1990's.

Having lived and worked in two diverse cultures equipped me with the skills and experience to impart effective cross-cultural training programs to both Indian and global teams.

Cross-Cultural Training

Cross-Cultural Training for Indian Teams

This program aims to enhance cultural awareness, sensitivity, and communication skills, enabling Indians to navigate multicultural environments in virtual settings or face to face interactions.

Cross-Cultural Training for International Teams Working with India

This program is specifically designed to help global teams and individuals navigate the Indian business and social environment and overcome cultural and communication gaps when working with their India teams and clients.

Living and Working
in India

This program is designed to help provide a seamless transition for expats and their families moving to India. The program helps expats adjust and assimilate successfully into India’s cultural, social, and professional fabric by providing invaluable knowledge as well as practical living and working tips.

Soft skills Development

Executive Presence - Making an Impact

Executive presence training is a specialized program aimed at helping individuals enhance their personal brand, communication, and influence.

Email Etiquette and Business Writing Skills

Email etiquette training is a program designed to teach individuals the best practices and guidelines for composing and responding to emails in a professional and effective manner.

Presentation and Public Speaking Skills

Presentation skills training is a specialized program aimed at helping individuals develop and improve their ability to deliver engaging, confident, and effective presentations.

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